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Get Help With Disposing of Hazardous Materials and Moving Household Goods


Hazardous MaterialAction Moving Services is a full service mover.We have developed the following to help your move go smoothly. The more you know, the more likely your move will ultimately happen as you wish.

What are you going to do with all those Hazardous Chemicals in your home? Proper disposal of Household Hazardous Waste protects the environment and your health.


Household HazWaste Disposal Guide

Recycle With lots of water, flush in sanitary sewer (not a septic tank) Dispose of dry solids in the trash Save for a household HazWaste collection


Automotive Lawn and Garden
Used motor oil Weed killer
Auto batteries Insect killer
Transmission fluid Roach, ant poison
Brake fluid Rodent bait
Antifreeze or Bug spray
Gasoline, fuels Fertilizer w/weed killer
Degreasers Fertilizer (no weed killer)
Carburetor cleaner Pool chemicals
Windshield washer Lighter fluid


Home Improvement Household Items
Latex paint or Drain & oven cleaner
Oil-based paint Toilet cleaner
Stain, varnish, lacquer Spot remover
Paint thinner Aerosol products
Turpentine Empty aerosols
Furniture stripper Rubbing alcohol
Paint remover Disinfectant
Wood preservatives Cleaner w/ bleach**
Roofing tar Cleaner w/ ammonia**
Driveway sealer Polish w/ solvents*
Glue w/ solvents* Glass cleaner
Water-based glue Mothballs
Putty, grout, caulk Cosmetics
Glaze, spackle Nail polish, remover
Concrete cleaner Empty containers


Notes: * Solvent-containing products have the words “Flammable,” “Combustible,” or “Contains petroleum distillates” on the labels.
** NEVER mix products containing bleach with those containing ammonia. A toxic gas can form!

Household HazWaste Guide is reprinted with permission of the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.

For Information on items not listed here, contact your County for disposal advice or call Minnesota Pollution Control Agency at 800-657-3724.Before you bring in your Household Hazardous Waste, be sure that:

  • The waste is in the original container, if possible, with the original label.
  • The containers do not leak (if they do call your County for helpful advice).
  • The containers are packed so they won’t tip, break, or spill during travel.
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